Madikwe Entry Fees

Once-off payment
Paid directly by clients
Gate Entry Fees
  - R180
per Adults per STAY
  - R 80  per Child  
Guest Conservation Contribution  (GCC)
  - ZAR150 per Adults per DAY
  - ZAR75 per Child
Guest Conservation Contribution  from 1.1. 2020 (GCC)
  - ZAR R165 per Adults per DAY
  - ZAR 82.50 per Child     
SUBJECT to change without notice,
Guests GCC are payable at the lodges and
will be added to guests' bills
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Once-off payment
Paid directly by clients
Flight Entry
  - R240 per Adult  
  - R150 per Child from   
SUBJECT to change without notice

Best time to visit

The best time to visit malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve is during March and November, when temperatures are lower.

Federal Airlines is both the original innovator and market leader of air shuttle services in southern Africa. Federal Airlines offers a daily Shuttle Service to Madikwe Game Reserve. The reserve is also accessible by Federal Airlines Shuttle Services to Madikwe. Guests can fly direct to Madikwe from Johannesburg (OR Tambo International Airport) daily. There are two landing strips located within the reserve; one on the eastern side and another on the western side. Guests will land on the airstrip closest to their lodge and a game vehicle and ranger will transport guests directly to their lodge. Federal Airlines is the preferred air shuttle partner for top game lodges in the Madikwe game reserve

  • Please note that flights can only be booked along with accommodation.
  • Flight bookings are subject to a non refundable 10% administration fee and must be booked and paid upfront.
  • Transfer between airstrip and lodge will be provided by the lodge.

To Book your Madikwe Flight please email us or Call Us on:

South Africa RSA +27 (0)87 820 7131
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • icon Terms
All passengers travelling on our Federal Airlines shuttle flights are entitled to one free piece of checked luggage and
one small carry on item. Please see below details for checked in bags:
Type of bag
Due to the nature of the environment in which we operate, our aircraft are, generally speaking, smaller than a typical
airliner. As a result, we have much smaller luggage holds which results in weight and size limitations. The Federal
Airlines luggage specifications are as follows:
SOFT (all-sides) luggage/duffel bags with no rigid sides (flexible bags being made of pliable material such as cotton or canvas);
MAXIMUM luggage weight is 20kg/44lbs (in the hold); luggage size is 40cm (16 inches) wide x 30cm (12 inches) high x 60cm (24 inches) long;
MAXIMUM hand luggage is 5kg/11lbs (1 piece allowed);
● We offer soft sided bags which can be purchased at our lounge at an additional cost.
● Should your luggage exceed the above limitations, we will NOT BE ABLE to load it. We do provide a COMPLIMENTARY
LUGGAGE STORING FACILITY. Excess luggage remains the responsibility of the affected passenger at all times.
● Oversized luggage CANNOT be carried on your lap. Your safety is our first priority and unsecured objects inside the cabin are hazardous.
● To accommodate additional luggage, please book and pay for an additional seat in advance on any of our shuttle flights. It may not be an available option on the day of departure if this has not been pre-booked. The extra seat will allow for an extra 60kg of luggage allowance. Any additional luggage must still meet the baggage policy described above.
● It remains the responsibility of the booking agent to inform their client of Federal Airlines baggage policy
● Complimentary excess luggage storage offered on a return flight basis.

We are always proud to welcome all of our passengers to our departure lounge; we offer the following facilities to all departing and arriving passengers:
● Complimentary flavoured teas, espresso, cappuccino, mochachino, latte, hot chocolate, soft drinks, fruit juice and homemade biscuits available;
● Complimentary fresh sandwiches, fruit and snacks available;
● Complimentary wi-fi inside our departure lounge;
● Boutique shopping experience;
● Complimentary shower facilities;
● Complimentary baggage storage facilities available between the hours of 8am and 4pm;
● Beautiful private lounge with private garden to enjoy while you are waiting for your flight to depart;
● Complimentary return transport back to O.R. Tambo for passengers returning from our shuttle flights;
● Guest relations contact e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We provide a complimentary meet and greet service to all of our passengers upon arrival at Johannesburg, please note the following regarding this service:
● Federal Airlines offers this service on a complimentary basis;
● We offer this service for all passengers arriving on any scheduled flight landing after 6am, provided we receive the flight information 72hrs before departure;
● Passengers arriving before 6am need to make their own way to our kiosk, a Federal Airlines driver will man the kiosk from 6:30am to transport guests that have arrived early to the lounge if prearranged 72 hrs before departure;
● Our lounge is operational from 7am daily, and our airport kiosk is operational from 8am daily;
● Passengers may be met as a group should we have multiple passengers arriving off the same flight;
● We cannot be held liable should the passengers miss our representatives when they come through arrivals; we will endeavour to be waiting for them at the most visible point as they arrive;
● After passengers have been met they will be escorted to our terminal counter where they will be assisted onto
the transport to bring them to our private departure lounge;
● Should a meet and greet service be required for passengers arriving before 6am please let us know so that we may put you in contact with a private handling company.

The following dangerous goods are not permitted on board the aircraft:
● Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter or heater fuel, paint and matches. Radio-active material, oxidizing materials and organic peroxides such as bleaches and fiberglass repair kits;
● Firearms and explosives, handguns, automatic weapons, munitions, ammunitions including blank cartridges, pistol caps, fireworks, flares, smoke canisters and crackers.
● Infectious substances such as bacteria and viruses;
● Corrosives such as mercury, acids, alkalis and wet-cell batteries;
● Compressed gases. Deeply refrigerated flammable, non-flammable and poisonous gases such as butane, oxygen, propane and aqualung cylinders;
● The carriage of live animals, including pets, insects, reptiles or any other form of livestock is forbidden under any circumstances, with the exception of guide dogs for blind and/or deaf passengers on domestic flights only;
● We do not accept human remains for carriage on any routes. However, the carriage of ashes is permitted provided a copy of the death certificate and the cremations certificate accompanies them. You must ensure the ashes are securely packed in an appropriate container and should be included in your hand luggage.

We offer a shuttle service and NOT a scheduled service therefore times and routes may vary from day-to-day depending on actual bookings. All shuttle departure times are subject to change;
● Guests booked on shuttle flights, are not guaranteed to be on the same aircraft. Federal Airlines will do all possible to assist families/groups together, subject to operational requirements;
● Aircraft landing and/or departure may be delayed due to animals obstructing the runway;
● O.R. Tambo International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the southern hemisphere. As such we often incur air traffic control delays due to aircraft congestion;
● Transport between game lodge airstrips and the actual lodges will be provided by the lodge, we constantly update the lodge staff with all flight details so that they are well prepared for our guests’ arrival;
● Confirmed bookings subject to automatic release if passengers’ full names are not received at time of confirmation;
● We reserve the right to include technical stops enroute due to operating conditions at the time, which is in the interest of safety and at the sole discretion of the captain;
● Smoking is not permitted on any of our flights;
● Federal Airlines operates as a point-to-point airline and will not be held responsible or liable should incoming/ connecting flights be missed/delayed resulting in passengers missing their shuttle connection to the bush or onward flights. We will endeavour to assist them on a later departure from/to the bush, subject to seat and flight availability;
● We cannot be held liable or responsible for any delays due to weather, air traffic control or technical delays, we will rectify the situation to the best of our ability;
● In the event of bad weather (low cloud or water logged runways) Federal Airlines reserves the right to drop-off clients ‘at the nearest suitable and serviceable airstrip’;
● This might mean a road transfer for guests to get to their final destination, this road transfer will not be for Federal Airlines’ account, but will be for the guests’ account. This diversion will only be done in the interest
of safety and when weather and/or runway conditions are not suitable to land at your original destination;
● Federal Airlines (Pty) Ltd. Trading as Federal Airlines cannot be held liable or responsible for any delays due to weather, resulting in missed connections when returning from any lodge.
● For group bookings on shuttle flights to/from Johannesburg, bookings are restricted to 18 passengers per departure time. Any additional passengers can be accommodated on a private charter basis.
● For group bookings on all other shuttle routes, bookings are restricted to 9 passengers per departure time. Any additional passengers can be accommodated on a private charter basis.
● Child fares are available on the following routes: ORT, Lowveld (MQP and Inter-Lodge), Madikwe, Phinda Airwing. Child fares are priced at 25% off the published fare. Child rates are applicable for ages 2 to 11. Child fares are not applicable on JNB-Phinda flights.
● Infant Fares are available on: ORT, Lowveld (MQP and Inter-Lodge), Madikwe, Phinda Airwing. Infant fares are priced at 75% off the published fare. Infant rates are applicable for ages 0 to 2. Infant rates are not applicable on JNB-Phinda flights.
● Expectant mothers may travel with Federal Airlines up to and including the 27th week of their pregnancy. This must be inclusive of their return flight and must be able to produce a doctor’s certificate confirming the stage of their pregnancy and that they are fit to fly.

● 30 – 15 Days 15%
● 14 – 08 Days 50%
● 07 – 04 Days 75%
● 3 Days – Day of Travel 100%
Any amendment to a booking within 72 hours that is not a cancellation will attract the following charges:
● Date / Route change: R750.00 {per person)
● Time change on day of travel: R250.00 (per person)
Carriage of live animals is permitted on board Federal Airlines flights. For more information, terms and conditions,
please view our website,
Wheelchair / Disabled Passengers
Wheelchair / Disabled passengers are allowed on Federal Airline flights so long as:
● There is an assistant of some kind who is able to help with the boarding / de-boarding of the passenger if they are unable to manoeuvre themselves accordingly in relation to the flight they are doing.
● Only 1 disabled passenger is allowed on board any 1 Federal Airline flight.
● No liability can be held against Federal Airlines (Pty) Ltd for injury, etc. to a passenger.
● The Captain of the flight must be informed of the passenger on board his/her flight the day before hand or at the very least 15 minutes before the flight departs.


Manually Operated Wheelchairs
Manually operated wheelchairs may be allowed on Federal Airline flights:
● At all times; however consideration must be taken in terms of size as not all aircraft in the Federal Airline fleet can accommodate the bulk / shape of a fold-away wheelchair in cargo pods, etc.
● The Captain of the flight must be informed of the particular cargo on board his/her flight the day before hand or at the very least 10 minutes before the flight departs.

Note: Extra seats are to be booked for the extra equipment travelling per a passenger accordingly.