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Rates inclusive of 15% VAT • South African Rand • Subject to availability
8 Luxury, thatched Chalets 1 Jul 2023 to
30 Apr 2024
Per Person Per Night Sharing R5 880
Per person per night – 30% Single Supplement R7 645
Kids 3-12yrs sharing with Adult R2 940

Look at our Special Offers for SA Residents under our special offers section!

The Rates Include:

  • Accommodation, All meals, teas and coffees. Game drives and Safari Activities 

The Rates Exclude

  • Bar services; Spa Treatments; Items of a personal nature.
  • Conservation Levy: Rate per person per night: R165.00 - adult; R82.50 - under 12, R0.00 - children under 2.
  • Conservation Levy from a Mar 2023: Rate per person per night: R190 - adult; R95 - under 12
  • Park Entrance Fee: R180.00 per adult per stay and R80.00 per child (under 12) per stay.
Payment details

Please Note: In order to confirm your booking a deposit payment will be required on the following basis:
  • 25% deposit is required if booking is placed 60 days or more prior to date of travel.
  • 50% deposit is required if booking is placed between 30 and 60 days prior to date of travel.
  • 100% payment on bookings placed within 30 days of travel.
Should the reservation be cancelled

The following fees will be levied and the scale of charges expressed as a percentage of the total value is as follows:
  • 60 days or more before arrival – 25% of the total amount.
  • 30 – 60 days before arrival - 50% of the total amount (Standard Deposit).
  • Less than 30 days before arrival - 100% of the total amount.

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