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Madikwe Entry Fees

Once-off payment
Paid directly by clients
Rebuilding and Recovery levy
  - R115
pppn (optional)
Gate Entry Fees
  - R200
 per Adults per STAY
  - R100  per Child  (3-8 yrs)
Conservation Levy for International Guests
  -  R450 per Adults per DAY
  -  R225 per Child  (2-12 yrs)
 -  Free under 2 years
 Conservation Levy for South African Resident Guests
  -  R225 per Adults per DAY
  -  R115 per Child  (2-12 yrs)
  -  Free under 2 years
• Bed Levy
  - ZAR 10 pppn from age 1 year old    
SUBJECT to change without notice,
Guests GCC are payable at the lodges and
will be added to guests' bills
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Once-off payment
• Paid directly by clients
Flight Landing Fee
  - R280 per person per stay from age 10 years old
  - R180 per Child (3-9 yrs)  
SUBJECT to change without notice
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